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Each year the FCBHA Advisory Board recognizes a Fayette County citizen for exemplary contributions to the well-being of all citizens or a specific group. If you would like to nominate someone for this distinguished honor, Community Recognition
please click here.

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FCBHA Activities Community Activities
  2015 Winter Videoconferences at FCBHA   03/03/15 – PAK Meeting at FCBHA
  3/4/15 – HealthChoices Advisory Board – 5:00 PM
  03/04/15 –Spread the Word at Uniontown Mall
  3/11/15 – WPIC Video Conference – Moms & Cops   03/12/15 - Link Cross Training – Identity Theft &
  3/17/15 – HCQU Training   03/13/15 – FRI Open House/Bake Sale at ATF
  03/19/15 – CEO Meeting at 1:00 PM   03/14/15 – Special Olympics Basketball Tournament
   at Geibel
  03/19/15 – LICC Meeting at FCBHA   03/20/15 – Laurel House Open House
  03/25/15 – Board Meets Board @ JCC   03/30/15 – ARC Fayette Open House/Bake Sale
    04/17/15 - VBH Adult Recovery Forum
    04/18/15 – March of Dimes Walk at Mr. Macrina
    Mental Health First Aid Trainings Adult/Youth
    Special Olympics in Fayette County

Success Stories Welcomed
If you have a personal success story (related to mental health and well-being) that you’d like to share with our readers, please send it to our office for consideration.

At a forum hosted by FCBHA in November, West Penn Hospital’s neonatal intensive care and individuals from Children and Youth Services, Early Intervention, Mental Health, Human Services and the Nurse Family Partnership discussed the effects of fetal exposure to drugs and alcohol. The goal is to have substance abuse providers partner with organizations that support positive outcomes for infants and their families in Fayette County. It was a real eye opener for everyone involved. Information on this topic can be found in the publication, RISK AND REALITY: THE IMPLICATIONS OF PRENATAL EXPOSURE TO ALCOHOL AND OTHER DRUGS
  Employment Focus Group with
the Office of Developmental Programs
For People with Disabilities
and Family Members
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